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Solar System Repair and Installation


Going "Green" with solar is easier and more affordable than you think.

  • Help protect the environment and produce "green" renewable energy.

  • Reduce electric bills
  • Produce sustainable green energy
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Avoid increases in utility rates (averaging 13% per year)

Consider installing solar to offset your utility costs and put money in your pocket by selling back kilowatts to the utility companies through the Net Metering Program!



Solar Array After December Snow Storm

How Solar Energy Works:

Solar energy works by converting the sun's rays into electricity with the use of solar panels. It also converts the suns ray's into heat with the use of thermal collectors for warming water and by converting the sun's rays into hot air for heating areas.

The sun's light shines down on solar cells, absorbs the energy, and puts it to the batteries to make electricity without polluting the air. It is a renewable energy. It can heat pools and make our kitchens, computers and laptops also work with its electricity.

Battery Bank for Solar System


Incentives currently in place:

  • Utility companies offer up to $10,000 for commercial and $2,500 for residential applications tax rebates on purchase.

  • The Federal Government up to 30% tax credit on purchase.

  • Same as Cash Financing
  • Low interest loans to purchase and install equipment

  • California AB 811
  • California Solar Initiative (CSI)
  • Become a Solar Ambassador


Inverter and Solar Panel Charge Controller




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